Report for 2023

22 January 2024

2023 was a difficult year for all Ukrainians, as it was the 2nd year of the war against the Russian occupiers.  

Our foundation helped our military every month and in 2023 spent UAH 7,451,821 on purchasing and sending everything necessary for our defenders. 

We also actively searched for investments for the implementation of our Regenerate Ukrainians project to provide prosthetic limbs to Ukrainians injured during the war. In 2023, we raised UAH 2,487,128 for this project. During this time, prosthetic technology has been improved, 5 prostheses have been placed for Ukrainians, and 3 more candidates are currently preparing to receive an individual modern prosthesis.

In 2024, we do not plan to change the vector of our work and will continue to help Ukrainians who need our support the most!