Report for December 2023

1 January 2024

The winter months are always the most difficult for our soldiers, as the weather makes them feel less protected and their vehicles require additional attention. That is why in December 2023, our foundation focused its efforts on repairing and updating vehicles for our Defenders.

At the end of last year, we:

  • purchased 1 Kia Sorento and partially participated in the purchase of a Mitsubishi Pajero; 
  • repaired and replaced spare parts and purchased tires for 7 vehicles on the front line;
  • bought 10 anti-thermal vision raincoats, warm boots, jackets and pants; 
  • additionally purchased a helmet, mount and headphones, as well as a rangefinder; 
  • purchased and delivered fuel for vehicles and provisions for our soldiers.

We believe that this year our defenders will return home with victory!