Report for July 2023

1 August 2023

In July, the Dopomogator Charitable Foundation continued its unwavering support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, providing essential aid and resources to our courageous soldiers at the front line:

  • 6 framed backpacks;
  • 20 anti-shrapnel aprons with side pockets made of Kevlar;
  • A special van for military needs;
  • 31 units of various network equipment;
  • Provisions, fuel, and other vital supplies to sustain our troops.

Furthermore, we repaired 3 trucks and 2 drones for our military.

The total amount of assistance rendered by the foundation this month sums up to an impressive UAH 775,643. We understand the profound significance of supporting our Defenders in hot spots, enabling them to neutralize the enemy and contribute to our common Victory!